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MTB Parts Online

Passion for mountain biking - This is not a story about a fanatical racer, but about someone with a passion for mountain biking. For me it is a real experience: freedom, nature and recreation. Most of the time I ride on one of the many existing mountain bike routes in Holland, on my 29er. But if it is possible, I really like to go out in the weekends to mountain bike in the Belgian Ardennes. In the summer months I prefer to ride in the Austrian or French Alps. When I go abroad, I always take my self-build Freeride bike with me, based on a Cove G-Spot frame (see picture below).

Cove G-Spot Saalbach, Austria

The idea
The idea to build the website MTB Parts Online came to mind while shopping online for mountain bike parts. Nowadays there is a lot available for the mountain bike and there are many good brands with mostly a wide collection. Many offline shops are not able to completely offer this extensive collection and that makes this market very interesting for webshops. During my (international) searches I have regularly been confronted with the fact that the mountain bike part I have been looking for is nowhere available. Or the product information is too limited, what makes it hard to compare. So sometimes you don’t even know which version they are talking about.

MTB Parts Online wants to change this and started with a collection of mountain bike tyres. This is a product that is often available in many variations. You can for instance think of different sizes, different compounds and whether the tyres are tubeless or not. Mountain bike tyres are perhaps one of the most important parts of your bike. By making use of different sets of tyres, you can adjust your mountain bike to the conditions of your track. Therefore it surely is a worthwhile investment. Besides the continuous expansion of the collection of tyres, there will follow a lot of other products, like various maintenance products and all (difficult obtainable) parts of your mountain bike which have to be replaced regularly.

Universal Webshop

Passion for e-commerce - The webshop MTB Parts Online is an initiative of the Dutch e-commerce company Universal Webshop. After many years of working in the fastly growing e-commerce business, I accepted the challenge to start my own business. I have gained a lot of knowledge by working for various (international) webshops in different sectors. Knowledge about how to run a business, but also about how you should absolutely not run a business. The latter showed me that it is always possible to do it differently and better.

In my opinion, the online sales of specialized products can be much better. Every product group is different and needs a different approach. The (web)shopkeeper has the task to inform you as good as possible and to make your shop experience more fun and personal. Especially when it comes to your favorite hobby, sports or other passion. I do this every day, in order to learn more and to do it better. I believe that this approach helps me further and makes me feel proud of my shops.

The products are offered through various (international) sales channels, like:

  • eBay UK
  • Amazon UK/ DE/ FR
  • Bol.com
  • Marktplaats
  • and of course my own shops

I am very curious if you might have other ideas. Do you think you can offer a nice cooperation and do you fit in the profile of Universal Webshop? Please send me a mail or call me, so we can brainstorm and exchange ideas.